A modular christmas lights idea that is begging to be made

A modular christmas lights idea that is begging to be made

During a Christmas long past, I had the most unpleasant job of untangling a 300 string set of these Christmas Lights. Being the smart geek, I had wound them around a large postage tube to try and keep them from getting untangled, but even that didn’t help.

To cut a long story short, after a lot of violent shaking, and spaghetti maze solving, I untangled the string. After hanging the damn things, half of the string just did not work. At all. What a soul destroying waste of time. Never again.

We did purchase an LED set of lights, but it was a 100 string. We really needed a 300 string. My better half just would not put them up on the tree, saying they would look ridiculous. They probably would have.

So, being the geek that I am, I got thinking about the problem and have come up with a Christmas Lights product that makes all the terrible design elements of Christmas Lights a thing of Christmas Past.

The pitch


Modular Christmas Lights, with the following features:

  • Green (or white), flat, flexible, cable. 

  • Colour switching LEDs so you do not have to have one colour per strand. 

  • Each light string is 1m long, and has keyed connectors.

  • 20 individual LEDs per strand (a bulb every 5 cm): this would give excellent light output.


Usable in 100, 150, 200, 250, or 300 bulb lengths:

  • Connect how ever many you need.

  • Never have the problem with trying to wrap the excess bulb length around the bottom of the tree.

LED bulb is mounted in a neat, terminal block style housing. 

  • One light in center of cable, but connected internally to the correct cable will look a lot better than a LED that is protruding from the cable.

  • No protruding bulbs means no tangle.

Bulb control module

Bulb Controller, with the following features:

  • Seven modes, similar to what most offer now.

  • Music response mode. Responds to bass frequencies to control the light pulse.

  • Each mode cycles through with a single push button (like most on market now).

  • LED 'mode' indicator built in, so you know exactly what mode is running.

  • No bulky wall plug: normal corded wall plug, with unit sitting on the floor.

  • Auto detects the modular length connected based on pre-set resistance, and adjusts light intensity accordingly.

  • Set the light intensity: soft or bright.

Packages Available:

  • 300 bulb length, for big trees.

  • 150 bulb length for small trees.

  • Other lengths sold separately, for an affordable price.

  • 150 bulb length pack controller can be expanded up to 300 bulbs with separately purchased lengths.

Pack Includes:

  • Selected bulb length.

  • Bulb controller.

  • Soft bag for lineal storage of string lengths, and all accessories.

So who wants to put up some venture capital and we get these puppies onto the market for Christmas next year?


I can’t believe that no one has made this a reality yet. What is wrong with you people? It almost makes me want to start a kickstarter and get these produced.

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