About me

G’day, I’m Jared. I’m a Technical Writer working in Brisbane, Australia.

Head shot of Jared Morgan

When I’m not writing product documentation I’m either playing VR games on Quest 2, fixing pinball machines, or geeking out on interesting stuff and things.

This blog is designed to let me share that stuff and those things with you through social media. Sometimes a longer form article is better than Twitter conversations, right?

Social media

You can find me with the username jaredmorgs on most social media platforms.

I am active on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn


I contribute to a couple of podcasts about topics dear to my heart:

Write the Docs Podcast

WTD Podcasts features discussions related to software documentation from members of the Write the Docs community, usually featuring a new guest each time in addition to the regular hosts.

BlahCade Pinball Podcast

BlahCade Pinball Podcast is the premier digital pinball podcast, covering commercial digital pinball from the world’s best designers. New episodes every fortnight.