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Fix an unstable, wobbly drum in a Miele W3831 front-loader washing machine

I discovered that if your Miele W3831 front-loading washing machine is making lots of banging noises, that you most likely need to get it looked at. The chances are high...

Use a personal access token to access GitLab using SourceTree

Back in August 2018, the SourceTree blog announced that version 3.0 introduced support for a number of different Git hosts based on growing customer demand. One of the most requested...

Use a SSH key to access GitLab through SourceTree

If you want to make the switch to from GitHub, or BitBucket Cloud or Server, you can use SourceTree 3.0 to manage your repositories on your local system.

Being Switzerland Has Its Advantages

"Becoming the Switzerland of your Organisation" may evolve your Technical Writing career into an invaluable interface layer between departments.

RAML for managing the API lifecycle

I’ve already talked about Tom Johnson’s podcast series I’d Rather Be Writing, where he shares his thoughts and experiences about writing API documentation in the burgeoning San Francisco technology and...

APIs, and why Tech Writers need to know about them

Try out Tom Johnson’s podcast and learn some stuff while you commute.