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How to delete old category labels from Google Groups

Something that has been puzzling me for a while is how Tags and Categories labels are displayed in Google Groups. I’ve had a breakthrough today with deleting a whole stack...

Package messages FAILED when using fedora fedup system upgrade tool

After doing something pretty stupid with gParted and LVM last night, I find myself reinstalling Fedora 20 today. I’ve found a fix to the FAILED package messages you get if...

Recycling fence palings for tree borders

I had some old treated pine fence palings left over from when I replaced all the side gate palings. My wife suggested I use them to fix up the borders...

How social media can open doors to new opportunities

Using social media to post about your passions and problems may get you surprising results.

Down the rabbit hole with Mr Whippy

What started with hearing an odd ice cream truck tune playing turned into a fascinating history lesson about soft serve ice cream in Austraila.